The old hag

CommentsPosted by Regin Glob 19 Nov, 2018 08:45
After freeing the old temple from its captives, we spend a few days in Uldoon trying to get some new aquaintencies. Our monk, very curious fellow, applied for a job at the old druids office. The old hag, Narissa, playing blind woman, had a smaller task that he could finish. He got all excited and promised that everyone would join him in the search for a plant, the exitement that great that he forgot to ask about payment.But its ok , she is old and we should help an old woman in need of help. Everyone was trying to make themselves useful, the paladin made contact with the nobles, the dwarf seeked out the dwarven smithy, our handyman was making friends at the bar and so we all made an effort to blend in. Back to our job, the description said"find a golden crown flower in the old ruins in the forest" and that was what we intended to do. I guess we all thought it to be a piece of cake to pick up a flower, but the woods around here are filled with bad ass creatures. We fought bees, wasps and other humungus insects, I wonder if something strange is going on with alle the giantbugs in one place. But we survived as well as we survived the devilish quicksand around the ruins. In the ruins we almost lost a fight, as we entered a hidden basement. It was occupied by the worst beasts one could ever imagine, giant scorpions. They really gave us a beating but in the end, with help from Moradin we managed to kille the stingers. We also found some valuables that should help us on other quests in the future. We found the plant and headed for Uldoon. Strong group with interesting people. Looking forward to many adventures ahead of us.

Not to Forget to mention the strange Long dead Mind Flayer - which made an impression specially on Gruff that had to separate the head from its body. With a last words note left on the table.. the last words of Ruas-Uli former lord, escaped from his own larger residence that starts with a "D..." and end with the dried out blood from the Mind Flayers hands.

In addition to the nice magical items in the Mind Flayers Bag of Holding - you also found a very strange looking piece of parchment with a handwritten map drawn on it. It must have been important as it was sealed of in an ornamented expensive looking silver scroll case.

Posted by Allan 19 Nov, 2018 19:42

Med lidt tilføjelse til ovenstående fine indlæg fra DM