Village of Uldoon and person gallary

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The NPCs

Roland Aelar - Mage, older brother to Enna
Enna Aelar, Rogue, younger sister to Roland

Ulfgar Silversword, Senior Knight
"By the edge of my fathers merciful sword, may Tyrs justice fall upon thee..."

The Villians:
Marzick the devastator, hobgoblin leader.

Baldurs Gate:
Merchant "Sorcerous Supplies" shop owned by The Mage Rivalen Blackhand
Shop Manager, Gilligun the mage

The Village of Uldoon:

Governor - Sir Garlan Lashkar, Noble Knight from Scornubel

Village Council:
Sir Garlan Lashkar
Harim Hilltop
Gharlan Goldtooth
Father Bronn

Notable citizens:
Behren "Two Axe", Veteran and Captain of City guard / Leader of "the Riders"
The Riders: Glenn, Marlan, Koron and Helen
Innkeeper Betsy - twin sister to Brian
Tavern keeper Brian of the "Crawling Cow" tavern - twin brother to Betsy
Blacksmith Barly - Mountain Dwarf, Son of Darin
Harim Hilltop - Halfling farmer
Father Bronn and his son apprentice Aldark
Gharlan Goldtooth - Half-elf merchant and owner of the Village Store
Larissa - "The Blind Women", old strange women

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